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Can I deal with just one broker?

Over the years this question frequently comes up. The answer is usually yes. Just like the real estate market you generally use one broker that you have developed a relationship with and who really knows what you want. The big difference between buying a boat and buying a house is that the houses are usually in the same geographical area. Boats are not. It takes a lot of time to drive from boat to boat only to find they are not what you like. Your broker can save you the hassle of driving around. Often when I see a boat suitable for one of my clients I call them immediately and tell them I am standing on their boat.

Most brokers work with each other and share their listings. The commission is usually split 50/50. The real benefit of dealing with one broker that you like is when you see something out of the country and want to buy it. Your broker is trained to talk the talk with other brokers and we can get to the straight goods on the history and condition of the boat. Most brokers in the US are not familiar with tax and importation laws of Canada and they usually prefer you deal with a local broker.

It is imperative that your broker makes the initial contact with the other broker to avoid confusion on who’s client you really are.



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